18+ Community and Whitelist


We've got an amazing mature community, That also has a scrict whitelist app to keep immature people out!

Reliable Server


We have a dedicated server to keep you playing minecraft with no interruptions!

(Daily restarts at 8am and 8pm EST)

Hermitcraft Style


Outlands is best compared to the likes of Mindcrack and Hermitcraft in terms of our expectations of quality, respect, maturity, and community.

Outlands Staff

About us

What's different than Vanilla?

- Mobs have a chance to drop their heads upon death!

- Shulkers will always drop two shells.

- A sleep plugin that gradually makes it day.

- Dynmap, A overview map of Outlands vast wildlife. (Does not include Nether/End/Caves)

- Outlands has a World border that is set to 5K, This is so we can expand instead of reset the map!

- Outlands has Griefprevention and Coreprotect in case a bad guy escapes through the whitelist!

- Wandering traders trade block heads.

Rules of Outlands

#1 : No Griefing or Stealing, Breaking blocks or destroying other peoples builds or stealing from others is not tolerated.
#2 : No Modded Clients or use of Exploits. Ask staff for allowed mods.
#3 : No Pvp unless both parties AGREE.
#4 : No talking of politics or religions or racism.
#5 : No asking for op/staff.
#6 : Treat everyone with respect.
#7 : Dual logging is temp ban along with partial item forfeit. Alts are to be only used for video capturing purposes.
#8 : No sexual talking/harassment of any sorts on Discord or Outlands.
#9 : If you have a build with > 100 hoppers, you must notify staff.  We will work with you to prevent excessive lag.

How to whitelist on Outlands

Discord is required to join Outlands, To whitelist you will need to join Outlands Discord.

When you join you'll end up in the #landing-page which has the whitelist application.




Head Tiger


Head Admin