Outlands Sponsor Features!

Sponsor Info

Sponsoring to Outlands helps keep the lights on.

Sponsor is $5usd per month, Emerald Sponsor is  a bulk sponsorship of 1 year or more. ($60usd+)

Hide your self on the Dynmap!

Command : /dynmap show:hide

Change your nickname ingame!

Command : /nick (name)

No impersonating staff members.

Access to name items with color!

Refer to color codes pinned in Discord!

Sponsor chat ingame/Discord

Command /spc (text goes here)

Command /spct (toggles on/off)

Hide on Dynmap


Sponsor Chat

Colored Anvils

See who has been lurking in your area!

Command : /co i

Put random things on your head!

Command : /hat

Your name will be

featured down below!

I heard he gives bear hugs!

Core protect


A hug from Steve!

Name on website

Outlands Emerald Sponsor Features!